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My mother had been diagnosed with GIST

My mother had been diagnosed with GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumor),an unusual tumor in the stomach. Her acute diabetes, anaemia due to consistent slow blood loss from the tumour and problems with her cardiac beat complicated her condition further.

A quick exhaustive referral check with my friends guided me to Dr. Vidur Jyoti
His elucidate prognosis through careful assessment of biopsies and histopathology reports convinced us that he shall be the doctor supervising my mother’s indisposition.
His exemplary ability to balance science with humane emotives is incomparable ,and therefore enables him and the patients to  easily connect with each other.

Dr.Vidur  successfully removed the tumor through a complicated laparoscopic procedure.

His post operative monitoring ensured a speedy recovery for my mother.
Today she has recovered well and continues to connect with the doctor for post operative consultations and is on basic preventive medication.

Soman Rajiv Nair (CMILT)

Director -Region North India